Message to AIS aspirants

“The AIS is a great motivator for youth brimming with ideas and ambitions to architect India into a nation of great administrative mettle. A majority of them attempt the Civil Services examinations because of temporary motivation stimulated by the success stories they hear and read about. This initial high slowly wanes for them with every passing day that results in them preparing less and expecting lesser. They treat it as one more competitive exam and yet another casual attempt at one more career opportunity. There is no systematic preparation, no effective training or focus on the goal in such a laid-back approach.

Instead, determination to ace the most competitive exam of the lot, disciplined rigour in learning and practicing with perseverance would bring sure success to a student who is even academically deemed. The same belief and practice which gave Narayana and its students a resounding success in IIT preparation is now guiding the realm of Civil Services preparation in the form of 6-Years Integrated Civil Services Programme.

The aim of this pioneering effort is to make Narayana IAS Academy synonymous with All India Service and success. We envision this dream and carry out the best of responsibilities to play our role with great commitment.”