Training methodology

Narayana IAS Academy has evolved a comprehensive student-centric learning approach planned strategically and designed stage-wise for integrated training practices. The teaching methodology involves:

Collaborative Classroom Instruction: Under the Integrated Civil Services Programme, 50% of class hours are dedicated to board/university exams while the other half is allotted for intensive all-round development for all CSE rounds. Aided by audio-visual and computer technology, regular library research and weekend tests are conducted to evaluate the preparation progress of students.

Guidance from Experts: Periodical guest lectures by eminent faculty for all CSE-related subjects are organized. Achievers from different walks of life, especially current and former IAS officers and civil servants, provide motivational guidance·

Debates, Workshops and Seminars: Students are encouraged to attend workshops and also to organize seminars on current National & International topics that have socio-economic implications. The objective is to stimulate original thinking and effective articulations of the subject.

Bulk Mock Interviews : Students are taken though numerous rounds of interviews so they comprehend the intensity of attending full-fledged IAS Perosonality Tests. Body language, facial expression , coping with pressure and command over topics are some of the necessary parameters honed to perfection

Soft skills training: Special emphasis is placed upon language and communication skills through activity-based endeavours. This empowers student with effective soft skills that enjoy significance during the personality test round. Various activities are formulated around interpersonal relations, group discussions, problem solving, decision making, leadership, team work, analytical abilities and logical reasoning.
Field Trips: Field trips are planned during the course enabling students to realise administrative developments as well as challenging issues at the grassroot level, otherwise absent in theoretical learning.

Evaluation: Performance is assessed by means of continuous evaluation. A panel of experts assesses the physical, psychological and emotional development of students throughout the course and counsels them for better progress accordingly.

Monthly Magazine : The Narayana Civils Express, a platform for documentation of knowledge and writing skills, encourage students and senior faculty to compose write-ups on current national and international topics.