By Reservation 
As a part of the admission procedure, students have the facility to reserve their seats for different courses at various levels along with the coaching for all competitive exams before hand. The reservation can be done at any of our centers as per the convenience of the students. This would not only be a great relief to the parents of getting their children admitted into the most prestigious institution but also giving them the best education ever possible.

Direct Admission
Our direct admission process enables students to get admission into varied courses as soon as the result is announced. This process is available at each and every branch of Narayana.

Screening Tests for Scholarship
A screening test would be conducted for the students to prove their caliber and capability to face the competitive exams. Concessions of fee would be given based on the rank secured in the Screening Test.

Free Education for Merit Students
To encourage the students and in still self-confidence in them, we provide free education for students who exhibit excellent performance at various levels of examination. This boosts the confidence of the students and creates a challenging atmosphere for them to grow.