CO-Spark Programme

About the Programme:
The Narayana CO- Spark Programme is a special initiative that focuses its attention on national-level total-success approach for a chosen number of students. Monitored, counselled and motivated directly by the Central Office (CO) management, the programme aims at providing intensive and comprehensive training that equips students with timelessly relevant knowledge skills, applicable across any competitive examination or Olympiad.

With the objective of clinching top 10 ranks in in IIT, BITSAT, AIIMS and CA-CPT to name few, the CO-Spark Programme is miles ahead of regular programmes in assuring maximum performance, motivated directly by the Narayana Chairman’s core academic team.


Sl no. Course Name Duration
1. IIT CO-Spark 2 years
2. Medical CO-Spark 2 years
3. CA-CPT CO-Spark 2 years
Course Features
  • Concept-orientated learning
  • Current and cumulative syllabus coverage approach
  • Advanced syllabus completion and extensive revision
  • Upto 3 hours of additional learning and preparation
  • Provision of research-oriented material
  • Combined expertise of senior, junior and assistant Lecturers
  • Challenging question papers, scrutinised and qualified by multiple branch experts
  • Weekly tests with Personalised Assessments
  • Daily Practice Tests with questions from varying levels
  • Conducting additional tests, along with Part Tests and GRAND TESTS
  • Test-wise error-elimination practice in aiming better than expectations
  • Topic and subtopic-wise error identification in each subject
  • Scheduled planning for continuous correction of gaps in chapters and subtopics
  • Subject-wise and branch-wise ranking system for comprehensive evaluation
  • Long-term result estimation for better pre-planning
  • Counseling and review programmes conducted individually



For admissions into CO-Spark Programmes :
Please contact the Madhapur, Hyderabad branch* for more details
*Visit the ‘Contact Us’ section