Unique features

Common Schedule- Examination- Ranking Model:

Narayana Junior College faculty prepares a detailed training plan for the academic year and formulates a comprehensive schedule for the students accordingly. This is followed in synchrony cross all Narayana Junior College branches enabling uniformity.

While students of one branch may secure top ranks in their mock tests locally, they may not fare similarly when assessed across all branches are considered. At Narayana, the common examination approach brings a sense of competition as the wide scope of comparison is a simulation of the final examination scenario.

In adopting a reward-system policy, Narayana vouches for the concept of continuous common assessment for students of all programmes. Based on the evaluation of results, every student is notified of their position through local and state ranks. While the local rank reflects their performance within their branch, the state rank is indicative of cumulative scores throughout all branches. It gives students several opportunities to make appraisals of their position among others, and assess improvement strategies from time to time.

Zero Error Policy :

NJC recognises the far-reaching consequences that errors can have on students’ focus and determination. We put in best efforts to eliminate them as much as possible by adopting a zero error plan.
Our Software Engineers systematically list out different kinds of errors students make in their tests. An hour is dedicated for them to identify where they had gone wrong and practice the right methods of rectification. Depending upon subject-wise categories identified for errors, we compose questions of increasing levels around the same.
Further counselling and training is provided in case of any ambiguity. This will not just effectively stop the error from recurring but will also make the entire error category dormant.

Narayana Online B.I.T.S.A.T Replica :

In purview of professional aspirations of students for Engineering and Sciences, The Narayana Group has developed an online replica to the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test. This enables our students and future new enrolments, who are given individual usernames, to attempt mock tests from any part of the world and stay well-connected with practicing for competitive examinations.


  • Time sessioned speedy questions
  • Very own online server and Question Bank Generation
  • After the test, detailed personalised analysis is mailed to the user
  • Maximum selections for BITSAT is from NARAYANA Replica

Laboratories :

The science courses at NJC are complemented by practical hours in well-equipped libraries for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All apparatuses, chemicals and test-specimens are revived qualitatively and quantitatively to maintain their uninterrupted functioning though the academic year.

EduTainment :

Narayana Junior College is leading the transformation in conventional teaching methods in the country, by utilizing the audio-visual teaching medium of instruction and interpretation. Every classroom is equipped with LCD projectors and supporting enhancements, taking its students to the depth and clarity of each concept.