The transition from preschool to kindergarten marks very important step in a child’s life. During the three years of pre-school education, the students grew and learnt so much that it is simply amazing. We don’t want the last day of their time with us to just come and go as if it wasn’t significant.

We want our students and their parents to know that their time in preschool was precious and that we value every second of it. We want to offer them a chance to celebrate the closing of their preschool years and the beginning of new experiences to come. Our graduates are moving to new discoveries and new accomplishments but they take with them the many discoveries and accomplishments we shared together and this is all worth celebrating.

Our graduation ceremony started with the invitation of dignitaries on the dias , lightining of the lamp.

Annual report was presented by the vice principal of school.

Our students then march down the red carpet. Graduation pledge was followed by Presentation of certificates.

They gracefully danced on the graduation song “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying aeyo, common lets’ go… I wanna celebrate & graduate…. Coz we’re dynamite.”

Added to their excitement, our Nursery & PP-I students ramp walked the isle and danced on the yearlong warm up songs ‘Sid Shuffle, ‘I,m a gummy bear’, ‘I like to move it’, ‘Tuff Taffa’.

The ceremony wound up with the National Anthem.

Take a look at the glimpses of the event from our branches here: