Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

One of the most lucrative streams of Engineering is that of Mechanical Engineering. Its department in Narayana Engineering College offers undergraduate programme in the same field, popularly known as B.Tech in ME. The career opportunities that present themselves before students under this department are aplenty , be it within aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, robotics, design, testing and evaluation, operations and maintenance and public sector unions like Railways, ONGC, Indian Oil etc.

To cater to academic perfection before such wide scope of potential future paths, the department has created a synergy of expert faculty, enabling intensive laboratory housed trial-and-error practice among their students. Updating them with regular conferences and research-oriented assistance by Ph.D scholars, familiarizing them with training tools and industry-centric technological needs and encouraging them towards journal publications take centre-stage in departmental activities in Mechanical Engineering.

The course of study under this department specifically focuses on Fluid and Hydraulic Mechanics, Machine Tools, strength and nature of materials, heat transfer and Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.