Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

One of the oldest streams of Engineering is that of Civil Engineering. Its department in Narayana Engineering College offers undergraduate programme in Civil Engineering, popularly known as B.Tech in CE. The societal need and emphasis associated with professionals from this discipline reflect in the nature of practical opportunities in government organizations (PWD, Railways, Aviation, Water Resources) and private construction companies.

The department identifies the driving force for such productive ends and imbibes passion in its students for design and execution. Its exclusive civil needs laboratories corroborated by principles of mechanical engineering allow the organic partnership of practical space with faculty-imparted conceptual knowledge.

Updating them with regular conferences and research-oriented assistance by Ph.D scholars, familiarizing them with training tools and industry-centric technological needs and encouraging them towards journal publications take centre-stage in departmental activities in Civil Engineering.

The current course of study under this department specifically focuses on Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering, concrete materials, surveying techniques and public and private projects orientation.