Narayana Engineering College houses a centralized and advanced library among department-exclusive ones for references and research throughout print and online media. With an area of about 650 sq.m seating about 300 students at a time, it houses over 40,000 books and subscribes to over 100 national and 15 international journals including the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Journal (IEEE) and the International Journal of Information and Communication Technology. The information centre grows by leaps and bounds with our students contributing back volumes of journals and project reports every year.

All activities and update feeds within the library are computerized with advanced in-built software and bar-coding system supervising circulation of material and determining user status and library search systems. The digital wing of the library caters to its growing necessity in today’s engineering, well equipped with 40 systems of digital medium references through Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET), Developing Library Network (DELNET) and NPTEL educational and lecture based CDs.

Audiovisual theatre for better projection of technical channels and seminar rooms for project-based discussions are designed separately to enhance the quality-intensive approach in learning experiences.