We are conducting student health programmes as a part of NAACH ( Narayana Advanced approach to Child Health) in Narayana Medical College and Hospital. This programme is intended towards the health checkup of school going children from 1st standard to 10th standard in and around Nellore District.
Students who are going to attend the above programme will be screened in ENT, Opthal, Paediatrics, Dental and Dermatology and their anthropometric measurements will be taken. The transportation and food is arranged for students attending this programme. Students who need specialized services of advanced care will be referred to the concerned departments for further management or treatment.
07th Feb, 2015:
40 students from Sri Pragati High school were screened as a part of the NAACH programme. Out of these 40, 4 students were referred to Dental College for Dental Caries, 2 students were referred to ENT for CSOM, one student was referred to Opthal for Squint, and One more student was referred to Dermatology for Tinea Versicolor.
All the students who have attended were given Health Cards filled with their health status and anthropometric measurements. Health and Nutritional education was given to all the students using AV methods.