Endocrine Surgery

The department of Endocrine Surgery is the first of its kind in the country’s private sector with qualified faculty for OP services rendered throughout the week. Guided under noted endocrine surgeon and researcher, Dr PV Pradeep, the department deals with complex endocrine surgeries and is known to provide structured surgical training programmes for its students. The department specializes in multi modality treatments and various natures of thyroidectomy, adrenalectomy and podiatry surgeries.

Clinical focus:

1) Thyroid Surgery:

The surgery is for patients who have thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer and over activity of the thyroid gland. The procedures performed in the department are total thyroidectomy (removal of  the entire gland) and hemithyroidectomy (removal of half of the gland) with minimal complications. In appropriate cases, it also performs minimal / small incision thyroidectomy with less postoperative pain and good cosmesis.

2) Parathyroid surgery

The department specializes in performing minimally invasive or focused parathyroid surgery whereby the enlarged parathyroid gland is removed by a small 1.5-2 cm incision, resulting in excellent cosmesis, less pain and less post-operative stay.

3) Adrenal Gland Surgery

Surgical removal of adrenal gland which is instigated by situations of excess hormone production or suspicious malignancy (cancer) is one of the many areas the department also specializes in.

4) Endocrine Pancreatic Surgery

Endocrine pancreatic surgery is performed upon recommended removal of  tumors, most of which are expected to be small yet challenging.

5) Diabetic Foot Surgery:

The most common endocrine disorder prevalent worldwide is diabetes mellitus. Foot care in such patients, a very important but often neglected aspect,  is taken care of extensively.