The department of Psychiatry has become an integral part of this Medical Institution with individuals high in team spirit and co-ordination. The faculty who carry out effective clinical examinations, diagnosis, treatment and its regular follow-up cater to department-exclusive liason psychiatry ( and consultation forwarded by other departments), out-patient sections, in-patient wards, emergency and community medicine. The department’s strength lies in its qualified specialists who identify closely the framework of behavior to make inferences, based on clinical experience and research. Likewise, they have one of the longest range of academic events, seminars, case conferences research work and journal subscription in a vastly exclusive library, aided by audio-visual technology. With holistic mindset of handling individuals in place, cognitive, behavioural and psychological relaxation therapy are administered by a team of well-trained clinicians who go beyond rigid classification of normality, and serve as active absorbers of crucial patient-specific information.

The department is also known for its production of and subscription to multitudinous academic work. Its section library has over 100 titles on various topics. In addition the central library has over 78 titles, 338 psychiatric books and follow the below mentioned journals regularly:

  • American Journal of Psychiatry.
  • British Journal of Psychiatry.
  • Journal of clinical Psychiatry.
  • Psychiatric clinic of North America.
  • Indian Journal of Psychiatry.