Surgical Gastroenterology

The department of Surgical Gastroenterology comprises of a team of experienced specialist doctors and trained support staff who work round-the-clock to provide world class medical care. They specialize in advanced surgical management of GI diseases, especially Hepatobiliary -pancreatic disease, working in close coordination with the departments of Medical and Radiation Oncology. With the support of high-end operation theatres for advanced gastrointestinal surgery including laparoscopic suit, the department has already performed several liver resections and pouch surgery for ulcerative colitis. It extends the same expertise in training students of varied procedures in the Medical college programmes, focusing specifically on treating ailments like :

  • Obstructive jaundice
  • GI cancer
  • Surgical liver disorders including cancer
  • GI bleeding
  • Acute and chronic pancreatitis
  • Gall bladder stones

Major procedures offered

Advanced Hepatobiliary Pancreatic surgery

  • Complex liver resections
  • Portal hypertension surgery
  • Surgery for gall bladder, bile duct disease including cancers
  • Surgery for chronic pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic necrosectomy

Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic surgery

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Appendicectomy
  • Hernia repair
  • Colonic resections
  • Liver cysts
  • Adrenal tumors

Special surgeries

  • Surgery for Ulcerative colitis (pouch surgery)
  • Incontinence surgery
  • Colon replacement for esophageal disease

Comprehensive GI cancer care

  • Esophagus
  • Stomach
  • Pancreas
  • Colon and rectum