The department of pathology remains the backbone of better medical services by establishing the cause, effect and treatment relationship in the field. It displays mastery in clinical skills related to identifying pathogens that create positive or negative consequences, their nature and the appropriate action to tackle it. Students are meticulously trained and monitored under such an investigative regime and are encouraged to participate in group discussions regarding the evolving nature of pathology. The highly experienced faculty is supported by technological aids, especially in biopsy and bloodbank operations.

Services Offered

Diagnostic Work:

Histopathology: This section processes well over 7500 tissue samples per year. Routine processing is supplemented with rapid processing for selected cases (using microwave oven). Frozen section and IHC are regularly done.

Cytopathology: Samples are processed as early as possible to the patient requirements. The materials processed include fine needle aspirations, body fluids and pap smears.

Cancer Screening Programs – Screening for Cancer Cervix and Cancer Breast:

  • Immunofluorescence
  • Immunoperoxidase
  • Tissue typing Microwave Processing
  • Blood Banking
  • Estern Blot & Elisa testing for HIV