• Sophisticated Biofeedback machine with 100 visually aided body-movement animations, recording 7 anxiety variables like Pulse Rate, Temp, Skin resistance (GSR), Respiratory rate, Central Blood pressure, EEG and EMG.
  • ECT – ECG – EEG and a unique electro convulsive therapy machine (ECT).
  • Counselling, relaxation therapy, conjoint family therapy, marital & family counselling, & therapy in sexual disorders and in various psychosomatic disorders.

Psychometric tests on :

  • Intelligence quotient.
  • Performance.
  • Projective tests to know the subconscious and unconscious contents and intent of the individual.
  • Personality traits.
  • Any evidence of organicity.
  • Adjustment pattern.
  • Severity of depression and anxiety etc.
  • Childhood conflicts.
  • Emotional Intelligence.