•  Comparison of 0.125% bupivacaine with 0.125% bupivacaine + 1mg butorphanol for post-op pain relief of lower abdominal & lower limb surgeries.
  • Induction & recovery characterstic of thio- pentol v/s propofol.
  • Comparison of effects of crystalloids pre-loading v/s co – loading on heart rate and blood pressure after spinal anesthesia.
  •  Comparison of 2% lignocaine and esmolol to attenuate the presser response during Laryngoscope.Facet Injection under c arm Guidance.
Work in Progress
Continous Catheter Techiniques For nerve Blocks Work in Progress
Segmental Spinal for Cholecystectomy Work in Progress
Post Tonsillectomy Pain relief by Tramadol Work in Progress
Segmental Epiduaral for Mastectomy Work in Progress
Clonidine in Intrathecal for pain relief Work in Progress