•  Self harm and suicide by Dr. Dean Wesley. In depth history & analysis & administering battery of tests as various – demographic & Psychodynamic aspects are highlighted.
  •  Insight in major Psychiatric Disorders – Dr. G. Suresh. The assessment of insight in Schizophrenia, Delusional disorders, Bipolor disorder is assessed using ITAQ’S scale, in both male & female patients attending psychiatric out patients. The sample consists of 100 patients.
  •  Meta analysis of Behavioral therapy in childhood problems – Dr. S. SelvamMA.M.Phil. As the drugs have a limited role in children, behavioral therapy remains the strongest armamentarium in therapist’s hands. Study is undertaken with the intention of analyzing the role of behavioral therapy and to know its dynamics & results in age group of 3 to 12 years of both sexes in about 40 patients.
  •  “Stressors in college going students and coping ability” by Dr. Nanda Kumar V.K. MD(Bom) Professor & HOD Psychiatry. A study will be conducted on 100 students who attend college to find out the stress factors, which affect their attitude, personality and performance. “BREECH’S STRSS SCALE”, Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire and IQ & Performance tests will measure a sample of 100 students (Both male & female) studying in various specialties.
  •  “Personality structure & Bronchial Asthma” in ‘Actapsychiatrica Scandinavia ‘ in 1979.
  •  Some psychological concomittants in Bronchial asthma and peptic ulcer in journal of Association of physicians of India in 1980.
  • “Headache” – A multidimensional problem” in IMA bulletin, Belgam in 1983 (No.1),/li>