The Alumni network at NNI, Nellore, aims at keeping contact with the progress of its past students and enables them to motivate the evolving educational institution with its post-college experiences.

Specific Objectives

1. To promote, strengthen and foster love and fellowship among former students.
2. To assist the institution to obtain necessary funds for various facilities
3. To be interested, well informed and active in the nursing profession
4. To aid students in their professional and personal growth.
5. To plan for study groups which will discuss trends in nursing education and practice
6. To seek promotion and advancement of the nursing profession.

Alumni Tasks :

1. For the institution
a) Improving good communication
b) Financially support endowments funds

2. For students
a) Encouraging participation in social and educational activities.
b) Resolving issues

3. For its members
a) Publishing newsletters and magazines
b) Presenting awards and honours for achievements

4. For the community
a) Conducting varied planned programmes to improve healthcare facilities in the country