Research at the nursing institution has gathered critical acclaim for knowledge assessment of health care providers with the work’s title :

“A study to assess the knowledge of Health care providers on the prevention of Nosocomial infection in selected hospitals at Nellore ”

The research design adopted for this academic work is descriptive .The sample includes Assistant Professors, Post Graduate Medical students, CRRIs, Staff Nurses and Technicians. Data Collection Method was through the administration of questionnaires containing 60 questions which project the assessment of knowledge levels on different sub topics such as definition, meaning, universal safety precautions, causes and prevention of Nosocomial infection.

Department Total
Total Publications 121
Papers Presented 166
Awards Won 10
Research work completed  by  faculty 26
Research work ongoing by  faculty-2014 24
ICMR Projects-proposals submitted 7
Books  publications in progress-2014 6
Research work guided— UG and PG 1083, 113
CNEs conducted 67
National conferences, State conferences, International conference 5, 5, 1

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