As a part of continuous and periodic evaluation, internal examinations are conducted, imperative for every student to take up in each subject. Senior faculty provide special counseling and academic attention for average-pace learners within the curriculum to improve their performance.

Eligibility for promotion to higher Classes

A student is deemed to have satisfied the minimum academic requirements and earned the credits allotted to each theory, practical or project if :

He/she secures not less than 35% of marks in the external examination and a minimum of 40% of marks in aggregate of both internal evaluation and end-examination taken together.

For seminars, he/she should secure 40% in the internal evaluation.

A student shall be promoted from third year to fourth year only if he/she fulfills the academic requirements of 42 credits from the following examinations:

  • Two regular and one supplementary examinations for II year- I semester.
  • One regular and one supplementary examinations for II year- II semester.
  • One regular examination of III year- I semester.

In case of detention due to lack of credits, the student may make up for the required number through supplementary examinations of the type mentioned above, conducted before the date of commencement of classes for IV year- I semester

Attendance required :

A student shall be eligible to appear for university examinations if he/she acquires a minimum of 75% attendance in aggregate of all subjects in a semester or year.

If the attendance percentage of a candidate stands between 65% and 75% in aggregate, he/she shall follow the appropriate procedure laid down by the college academic committee in order to continue in the course. A stipulated fee shall be payable towards condition of shortage of attendance to the university.

If the candidate reaches shortage of attendance at below 65% in aggregate, he/she shall in no case be eligible for examination and their registration will stand cancelled.

A student will not be promoted to the next semester or year in the course unless he/she satisfies the attendance requirements of the present semester/ year as applicable. They may seek re-admission for that semester/ year when offered next.