In a face-paced contemporary world, stressful daily activities make people prone to many chronic health problems like diabetes and blood pressure, and many other posture-driven mechanical ones like lower back pain and knee pain. Irregular and inconsistent diet and a sedentary lifestyle have remarkable share in gastric diseases and heart diseases.

NNYMCH recognise the causes and naturopathic solutions for such chronically built up diseases that can be proactively avoided altogether. The following package-wise treatments are offered at the Narayana Naturopathy and Yoga Hospital :

Naturopathy Treatment for Body Rejuvenation :

  • One Month course
  • 15 days course
  • 10 days course
  • One week course

Obesity Packages:

  • One Month Course with Til oil
  • One Month Course with Olive oil
  • One Month Course with Aroma oil
  • 15 days Course with Til oil
  • 15 days Course with olive oil
  • 15 days Course with aroma oil

Full body massages :

  1. With acupressure in steam/infra sauna bath + til oil/olive oil/aroma oil/baby oil.
  2. Salt glow massage
  3. Natural cream massage

Partial massages :

  • Head and face massage with acupressure
  • Oil massages, steam baths & yoga and meditation (Two of each per week)
  • Annual package + Couple membership available
  • Half-Yearly Package + Couple membership available
  • Quarterly Package + Couple membership available
  • Monthly Package + Couple membership available

Weekend package

Special treatment on request :

  • Salt glow therapy
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Colon Therapy