Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) on Olympiad schools of Narayana

Weekly tests are now attempted and evaluated online as against on paper, which is a conscious exercise of environmental protection at Narayana, inspired by its motto “Go Green, Save Life.” However, we do not discount the importance of practicing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) which is required to be attempted on paper (OMR sheet) and evaluated online.

When will the academic year of Olympiad schools commence?
Are the schools recognized by the state government?
Which classes are admissions applicable to?
Is it a co-education school?
Do you have separate classes for boys and girls?
What is the strength of each class?
Will you make the child complete his/her home-work at school?
How is a strong foundation for IIT assured?
What do you mean by preparation for Olympiads?
What are the advantages of this coaching?
What will be the language of instruction in schools?
Will you give admission to CBSE and ICSE students?
Will you give admission to students from a regional language medium?
Will there be separate foundation training for CBSE and ICSE students initially?
How are the teachers selected?
Will there be any special focus on BPC?
What is the programme for day scholars and residential/hostel students?
How are the exams conducted?
What are the details of study hours?
What are the details of the admission test?
Whom to contact regarding admission details?
What is the quality of food provided to the residential scholars?
Is there any transport facility?
What are the details of holidays?
What are the visiting hours for parents?
What special care is taken for the benefit of students?
What are the details of study material?
What is the list of utilities hostel students are supposed to bring?
What is the difference between Narayana e-Techno schools and Narayana IIT Olympiad Schools?
What is the philosophy of Olympiad Schools?