Integrated Syllabus

Every board of education in India differently imparts training and skills to students through varied syllabi and preparation techniques. But to integrate similarities and differences in a meaningful manner, bringing the best of all academic worlds into one holistic approach, is the most effective in all-round development.

At Narayana Olympiad Schools, we follow this approach in our training programmes by combining concepts from SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB boards comprehensively. It will guide students to understand Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry objectively, in solving complex numerical and logical problems. Be it competitive examinations or entrance tests for state, national and international professional courses, students attempt them boldly and with heightened confidence. This model of educational training is sure to create a substantial difference in the personality of students which parents can be proud of.


Four Stage Plan for Basics:

To stand out as the best requires imparting the best thoroughly, while being mindful of the challenges of productivity and perfection in today’s competitive age. The IIT-Olympiad Training programme at Narayana acquires its strength from planning for the same result in stages. The four stage plan to achieve this is mentioned below:

Stage 1: Based on particular topics, micro level plans are formulated by identifying their basics, concepts that need to be mastered and related subtopics.

Stage 2: With these guiding plans in the backdrop, identified syllabi are taught to students through prescribed textbooks with additional illustrations and examples.

Stage3: Students further apply this knowledge in solving problems on each concept from Level-1 to Level-5, including questions from competitive exams of previous years and other international reference books. This stage is crucial as they eventually master the content they are tested on.

Stage-4: Students review their retention of the acquired knowledge and capabilities in solving cumulative assignments based on multiple concepts.